Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Plaster Of Paris Flowers

Have you made Plaster Of Paris flowers yet? Well, if not, be prepared (when you do make them) to want to put them on everything! When you look at everyday items, you will wonder, "how would that look if I add a few flowers?"
So, when I saw these jars at the thrift store, I grabbed them knowing that they were crying out for flowers!

To make the flowers, I simply cut fake flowers, leaving a little of the stem to hold onto...

then dipped them into Plaster Of Paris...

I gave it a little shake and let the excess drip off.

I laid the flowers on wax paper to harden.

While the flowers were drying, I painted the wooden top of the jars with chalk paint. I used Dixie Belle paint in the color, Drop Cloth. 
Drop Cloth is the same color as the plaster so I didn't have to paint the flowers to match.

When the flowers had hardened, I cut the stem as close to the flower as I could get...

Then I glued the flowers onto the jar lids using E6000.

When I bought the jars, I had no idea what their final purpose would be. I just wanted to make them pretty. Then it hit me that they would be perfect in my guest bathroom. So, I filled them with Q-tips, cotton balls, and small soaps...

For now, my pretty jars will have a home in the guest bathroom. But, I may have to move them to my bathroom so I can enjoy them everyday!
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  1. Love the look .. But, aren't they hard to clean. I'm talking "dust".

    1. You can clean them with the dust remover that spray air just like you clean your computer keyboard.

  2. Hey Artsy! I love this project! It has been around a long time! Thank you for bringing it back to life with your beautiful jars! I love the cabinet and the guest bathroom decor! But I'm like you, I think I'd like to look at them more often! Blessings from Bama!

  3. Oh my goodness! What an awesome idea! I love, love, love it. Now this is something I must try. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. This is fantastic! Thank you it gives me a great way to add interest to a ceiling.

  5. Great idea to add pizzazz to ...anything! My mom has some Royal Dalton Bone China flowers and these remind me of those! I haven't worked with Plaster of Paris before did it provide a thick sturdy coat or as the original flower fabric was flexible would they be somewhat fragile and need gentle handling on the lid top?

  6. Wow! I love these so much, great idea!

  7. Oh wow, I love these! What a great idea. My mind is loaded with ideas on how I could incorporate these into my daughter's DIY wedding next summer. So pretty!

  8. How fun! I am going to have to try this because they are so pretty!


  9. Felicitaciones es genial tu trabajo. Saludos. Maria

  10. Oh I will definitely be trying this...you make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing! Hugs,

  11. So pretty! I love this idea Virginia. I am going to have to make some! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. These are lovely. I haven't tried this yet, but now it's on my to make list. I love them on top of the jars and how you're using them. So pretty!

  13. Love these! Thank you for sharing with us on Brag About It!

  14. Beautiful! Looks so good. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7, we can’t wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

  15. Thank you so much for your wonderful creativity at The Inspiration Board link party. Your project was featured today!

    Have a wonderful and creative day!

    Carolyn ~ homework

  16. WOW! I think this is simple enough that I can do it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Found these via Pinterest. Have to say they came out quite nice. Elegant.

  18. I have dusted delicate glass flowers by putting the bloom ends into a paper bag, add fine salt and seal and shake. Works wonders

  19. Замечательная идея! Спасибо!!!

  20. beautiful roses. Where can I buy this plaster of Paris?
    Stefania from Italy

  21. Thank you so much for your tutorial, right now just finished my version of this project, thanks to you.

    Have you viewed Real Estate Lake LBJ Service

  22. How do you mix the plaster of paris

  23. I love these! Thank you for the tutorial. I'm going to have to make some for photography props.

  24. U can add a little bit of white glue to the mix...it will prevent the plaster of paris from chipping.

  25. would spraying with a clear sealer help them from not chipping? Love these.


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  29. AWESOME. would it be possible to color the plaster of paris?

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!
    Will definitely incorporate in my shabby chic décor!
    THANKS for sharing!

  31. I saw a mirror that was decorated with plastered flowers. It was beautiful.

  32. Hi I'd like to try this but where can I buy plaster of Paris and do it come already mixed since it looks like you dipped you flowers in a can much like the paint cans. I'll be looking for your reply. Thank you.

    Emma. tvs230@gmail.com


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